GDB as a program analyzer - some thoughts

Chris January
Tue May 18 17:04:00 GMT 2004

> This post deals about using GDB for non-debugging purposes, I hope it's
> not offtopic. I'm also hoping to find some people interested in the same
> matters than I to discuss about how GDB could be improved for analysis
> purposes.

for a program trace/dynamic analysis tool built on top of gdb and gcc.

I'm currently working on a program tracing tool for i386 that uses Valgrind
and GDB for my final year project. It should allow you to query program
traces using SQL.
set filter {x>5}
or some similar syntax.
would show you all the places when (and where) the variable x (when in
scope) had a value greater than 5.
Feel free to mail me off list if you want to discuss this kind of thing any


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