Using gdb as a trace agent

Alexandre Courbot
Tue May 18 08:33:00 GMT 2004

> Well we internally have some code which is slightly dated but should not 
> be too much effort to integrate into the current CVS tree. (The idea was 
> to make gdbserver multithreaded and have a separate thread running which 
> would collect the trace data. That was simpler and easier to implement 
> in a hurry.It should not be too much of a problem to do asynchronous IO 
> with gdbserver too.  ) . So that is the current status with respect to 
> the thread that you are referring to . Let me check with the code  we 
> have and get back to you. What is the target that you need this for ? 
> good old x86?

At first, yes, and I think your implementation would do the trick. Your 
code sounds interesting to me, and if you make it available I might use 
it as a starting point (even though I'm sure it would perform quite well 
as is).

Alexandre Courbot - PhD student

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