Ruedi Menzi
Mon May 17 20:09:00 GMT 2004


Last week, in the attempt to port a module from Win to Lin,
I was forced notice the fact, that gdb is **** NOT thread-aware ****.
- Are there any plans to change this?
- Does such an improvement depend on changes in glibc?

This latter question arised from studying smartGdb on the www.
I found that site starting from,
following the ling to
I am not yet skilled enough to understand, what would happen,
if I started mixing versions of packages other than the blend imposed by
a certain linux distribution. In this example:
- What are the consewuencies of stepping back to gdb 4.16 from gdb 5.3
- How would a program, compiled for and linked with a stepped-back and
 patched version of glibc behave?

So, what's your advice?
Do I have to stick to more traditional methods of debugging, like using 


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