Using gdb as a trace agent

Alexandre Courbot
Mon May 17 13:00:00 GMT 2004

Hello everyone,

In my quest to get datas out of a program as non-intrusively as possible 
(I'm trying to get graphes out of the memory manager of an embedded 
operating system), I'm having a close and interested look at gdb 
tracepoints. It looks like a great solution, but unfortunately:

- It only works on remote targets, dixit the manual,
- Anyway, no remote target supports them.

Traditional breakpoints with additional commands are just too intrusive 
to me, unfortunately. Is there anything I missed on the tracepoints 
front? Or would anyone know a tool that I could use in replacement to 
gdb to do this? (i.e. getting the values of some variables at some 
points of the program, without slaughtering the source code).

Thanks for any information,
Alexandre Courbot - PhD student

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