List command question

Ramana Radhakrishnan
Sat May 15 18:07:00 GMT 2004

Thus spake Eli Zaretskii
>> From: Andreas Schwab <>
>> Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 21:27:18 +0200
>> You can't expect meaningful results without debugging information as
>> nothing else is providing information about source files.
> I tried this with GDB 6.1 and the DJGPP toolchain, and GDB said "(no
> debugging symbols found)", which is reasonable, IMHO.
> Why didn't it do so in Manoj's case?

Is it possible that bis start.S is alone compiled with debug info in such
a case  ? Would that be a valid enough reason for this to happen  ? But
isnt it strange that it can find just one file even if libc was compiled
with debug info ?



Ramana Radhakrishnan
Codito Technologies

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