backtrace from signal handler

Andrew Cagney
Thu May 13 22:21:00 GMT 2004

> I understand that a new backtrace mechanism was implimented (by andrew
> cagney) in the mainline CVS version of GDB, are there any patche (or
> patches) available for this? I would like to use them to backport to GDB
> 6.1.

All the patches have been posted, and the composite can be found in the 
repository.  However, there isn't an individual patch available.

I should note that some of the changes are to GDB's core (in particular 
infrun.c and frame*[hc]).  Such changes aren't going to be considered 
for 6.1.1.

> It fixes backtracing from signal handler. It also will solve a ton of
> problmes wrt backtracing using GDB 6.1 on powerpc 64, coz mainline GDB
> works well for debugging powerpc, but we are still using 6.1 level.

There might be one or two small patches that can be backported, nowever, 
for the most part I think it is better to just concentrate on 6.2 
currently scheduled for August.


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