GDB using addr2line?

Ian Lance Taylor
Fri May 7 22:04:00 GMT 2004

Andrew Cagney <> writes:

> As anyone looked at (interested in) getting GDB and addr2line sharing
> common linetable code?  A libsal (source and line) say.

BFD has long had bfd_find_nearest_line().  It was originally used by
the linker to report error messages using the source code line--at the
time, a great innovation.  Ulrich Lauther built addr2line as a wrapper
around bfd_find_nearest_line().  If you look at addr2line.c, you will
see that it is very simple.  gdb needs a much more serious approach to
mapping between addresses and source code lines.

That said, it would be perfectly reasonable for gdb and addr2line to
share code, just as it would be perfectly reasonable for gdb and
objdump/objcopy --debugging to share code.  I don't think anybody has
looked at either possibility.


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