Phasing out Dwarf 1?

Michael Elizabeth Chastain
Thu May 6 15:00:00 GMT 2004

For gdb 6.1, I get some noise, but the backtrace looks okay:

  (top-gdb) backtrace
  #0  captured_main (data=0xbffff690) at /tmp/chastain/d1/gdb-6.1/gdb/main.c:117
  During symbol reading, DIE @ 0x1df "interpreter_p", type modifier 'const' ignored.
  During symbol reading, DIE @ 0x1d25 "", array subscript format 0x1 not handled yet.
  During symbol reading, DIE @ 0x14d7d "pthread_spinlock_t", type modifier 'volatile' ignored.
  #1  0x08080321 in do_catch_errors (uiout=0x82b72a0, data=0xbffff648)
      at /tmp/chastain/d1/gdb-6.1/gdb/top.c:523
  #2  0x08080124 in catcher (func=0x8080305 <do_catch_errors>,
      func_uiout=0x82b72a0, func_args=0xbffff648, func_val=0xbffff654,
      func_caught=0xbffff650, errstring=0x822a7c8 "", gdberrmsg=0x0, mask=6)
      at /tmp/chastain/d1/gdb-6.1/gdb/top.c:430
  #3  0x0808035c in catch_errors (func=0x807aa66 <captured_main>,
      func_args=0xbffff690, errstring=0x822a7c8 "", mask=6)
      at /tmp/chastain/d1/gdb-6.1/gdb/top.c:535
  #4  0x0807b87a in gdb_main (args=0xbffff690)
      at /tmp/chastain/d1/gdb-6.1/gdb/main.c:814
  #5  0x0807aa21 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbffff734)
      at /tmp/chastain/d1/gdb-6.1/gdb/gdb.c:35

This is on a native i686-pc-linux-gnu, red hat enterprise linux 3,
gdb compiled with gcc 3.2.3-24-rh.  "make CFLAGS=-gdwarf"

I get similar three messages "During symbol reading ..." with gdb 6.0
operating on gdb 6.0, and also gdb 5.3 operating on gdb 5.3.

> What are the results if the testsuite is run?

I already posted this link from February 2003:

I will do it again with gdb 6.1 but it will take some time.

> Or to look at it another way, when was the last time (other than SCO's 
> 5.1) that anyone saw a working dwarf-1 GDB?

It looks like gdb is working, with some glitches, and the test suite
has been busted for a while.

Michael C

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