Phasing out Dwarf 1?

Andrew Cagney
Tue May 4 15:37:00 GMT 2004

> I would like to phase out support for the Dwarf 1 debug format.
> I did some research and wrote the results as comments in dwarfread.c.
> I found reports from gdb users with three different compilers mentioned:
>   gcc
>   diab
>   absoft

I believe that you've already demonstrated that there are no dwarf-1 
cross compilers left (they've all migrated to dwarf-2).

That just leaves us with dwarf-1 systems.  How many dwarf-1 systems does 
GDB still support?  If we've also eliminated all our dwarf-1 systems, 
there's little sense in retaining dwarf-1 support.

(we might also determine that such systems require an ISO-C compiler 
(e.g., GCC) to build GDB and hence argue that GDB can assume dwarf-2 is 

> All of these compilers now have released versions with dwarf-2 support.
> gcc 3.4.0 has no more dwarf-1 at all.

For the moment lets get the technical argument straight.


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