Breakpoints in the library code

Roland Zerek
Wed Jun 30 18:53:00 GMT 2004

Użytkownik Kris Warkentin napisał:

> You should hit 'reply all' when you reply to me - that way you response 
> goes to the mailing list as well.  You might get help from someone else 

Oops.... Sorry - did not notify to whom I am writting... I always just 
simply reply to sender when sending to mailing lists since the sender is 
usually the mailserver...

> as well.  Question: did you try break wxXmlResource<tab> to see which 
> members gdb thinks are available for breakpoints?

You mean that gdb is capable to autocomplete the name? I did not know it. 
Will try.

>>> Hmm.  Well, if it's not recognizing the name of the method, you might 
>>> want to try setting the breakpoint by filename:line number. (ie 
>>>  If that works, then when you hit the breakpoint, you can 
>>> do a backtrace and see what gdb thinks the name of the method is.

>> It works quite well, thanks. However backtrace gives me the same 
>> method name as expected...
>> Another question is: why command line debugger works perfectly and GUI 
>> frontends not... Are there some incompatibilities in gdb api or the 
>> way the insight or ddd comunicates with gdb is incorrect? Sorry for 
>> possibly trivial question but I am not gdb expert.

r o l a n d z (at) poczta fm

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