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Wed Jun 30 17:45:00 GMT 2004

Dear Brother / Sister,
Greeting in the lord God, I'm Rev Nancy Swet from ghana i'm pastoring. Church
of God Mission in Ghana and came to Nigeria to see the poor condition of
children in the Northen part of Nigeria i'm runing a charity home here in
Nigeria and Ghana.

We take care of children in Nigeria and Ghana and others countries in Africa,children
of Accident victims, Operation neeeded Deseases, HIV AIDS  The african child
needs help, because of the nature of poverty in africa. The association
is finace by my church and other good peoples from ghana/nigeria but we
have facilities problem and finace which we need your help on helping these
children .

We are mailing you just because we know you can help these children with
anything you have,because your help can save the live of these children.The
association have to pay their school bills and order development for these
children. we are asking for your help in hand, so we can make Africa a better
place for the children.

Anything you send will be acceptable, we just want you to give as your mind
will tell you to give, as humans who care about the tommrow of children
swimming in poverty.We're writing you because we know you can save the lives
of these children,And as you do your best God will bless you mightily.

Thanks for reading this mail and we will wait for your reply.contact
phone : +234-8033923849.
Nancy Swet(Rev)

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