Breakpoints in the library code

Kris Warkentin
Wed Jun 30 16:04:00 GMT 2004

Roland Zerek wrote:

> UÂżytkownik Kris Warkentin napisaÂł:
>> It's possible that the symbols are not loaded.  After stopping within 
>> the program, type 'info shared' to see if the symbol table is loaded 
>> for the dll.  If not, you can type 'shared' to load them.
> Well, libraries are loaded at the beginning - info shared says that. Any 
> other ideas, please???

Hmm.  Well, if it's not recognizing the name of the method, you might 
want to try setting the breakpoint by filename:line number. (ie  If that works, then when you hit the breakpoint, you can do 
a backtrace and see what gdb thinks the name of the method is.



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