GDB 6.2

Michael Elizabeth Chastain
Wed Jun 30 10:06:00 GMT 2004

drow> 1677 is fixed by Bob's patch (not sure if he's checked it in yet).
drow> I have no reason to think that manythreads.exp is fixed, though.

Daniel's right, as usual.

Also there are some hppa-hpux regressions.  I've filed only one PR so
far, gdb/1692.  Jeff J updated the code in bpstat_stop_status so I have
to run another spin.  It might be fixed.  It might not.

That's all the things I know about:

  1650  manythreads, waiting for investigation (daniel j)
  1677  symtab fullname, waiting for patch commit + retest (michael c)
  1692  hpux watchpoint, waiting for retest (michael c)
  about 15 more unanalyzed hppa-hpux testsuite regressions (michael c)

Michael C

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