Using GDB to debug ia64 files

Vincent Girard-Reydet
Tue Jun 29 06:42:00 GMT 2004

I must add a precision : only the platform is ia64. My development machine
is ia32, and I do cross-compilation to compile my BIOS.

I never heard of this "vanilla Windows version of gdb", have you
informations about it ?

> >Hi people of Cygwin & GDB,
> >
> >I'm trying to do some quite complicated debug stuff with Cygwin,
> and can't
> >find how to do it. Would someone know how to help me ?
> >Here is the problem :
> >
> >I have a BIOS compiled with the VC++ compiler for ia64. This BIOS is EFI
> >( based.
> >The BIOS is compiled under Windows, and it's a mandatory because
> some tools
> >I'm using have not been ported to Linux.
> >The BIOS is compiled in debug mode, thus generating Windows paths to the
> >debug files (PDB format) in the image.
> >
> >I've written a GDB stub in my BIOS. What I wish is to use GDB on
> Cygwin to
> >communicate with this stub and debug my BIOS.
> >What I don't know is :
> > - does GDB support COFF format and PDB format ? I guess the
> first is "yes",
> >and I read a thread on this archive about PDB format. I'm not
> sure GDB does
> >understand it, but then I would add the PDB support to GDB. Does someone
> >have doc about it (if the rest of the stuff is possible, of course), and
> >know how long a process this can be ?
> >
> > - supposing I have GDB understanding both PDB and COFF format
> (or if I can
> >make VC generate a debug file format that GDb can understand), will I be
> >able to use it to debug my BIOS ? Or will GDB/Cygwin crash because if the
> >Windows Paths ?
> >
> > - does GDB/Cygwin have a goog ia64 support ? I think GDB/Linux has been
> >ported to ia64. Has this port been done to GDB/Cygwin ? If not,
> would it be
> >long to transcript it from GDB/Linux to GDB/Cygwin ?
> Cygwin itself has not yet been ported to ia64.  It may work in Win32
> emulation mode (there have been successful reports of this IIRC) but
> that won't get you where you want to go.  In any case, it's not clear
> that adding Cygwin into this equation is helpful to you.  If you're
> building with VC++ and cannot or won't use VC++ to debug for some reason,
> you may as well focus on the vanilla Windows version of gdb, unless you
> find a benefit to using the Cygwin version.  In this light, this is a
> pure gdb issue.
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