shared library support hookin the remote.c

Stephen P. Smith
Mon Jun 28 21:45:00 GMT 2004

Kevin Buettner wrote:

>I think we need more detail.  Which functions in remote.c would
>be affected?   What would the interface look like and how would
>it be used?
It would affetc remote_async_wait() and remote_wait().  From the last 
time, I know that we don't want to
add extraneous functionality to the remote protocol unless the target 
requires it.  This method would abstact
that out. 

What I haven't figured out is the preferred means of intializing such a 
variable across the two subsystems.

There would be a statement something like this:
   if ( remote_protocol_solib_hook_funcion )
       (*remote_protocol_solib_hook_funcion) ();

Does something like this seem reasonable?

>Also, please note that I am not the maintainer of remote.c...
True  - but the use of this pointer would be in the solib area.  Since 
the target is always queried, this is the way the solib
subsystem would know when it is safe to ask about shared library values 
that it needs from a particular target.


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