Using GDB to debug ia64 files

Christopher Faylor
Mon Jun 28 17:25:00 GMT 2004

On Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 04:46:26PM +0200, Vincent Girard-Reydet wrote:
>Hi people of Cygwin & GDB,
>find how to do it. Would someone know how to help me ?
>Here is the problem :
>I have a BIOS compiled with the VC++ compiler for ia64. This BIOS is EFI
>( based.
>The BIOS is compiled under Windows, and it's a mandatory because some tools
>I'm using have not been ported to Linux.
>The BIOS is compiled in debug mode, thus generating Windows paths to the
>debug files (PDB format) in the image.
>I've written a GDB stub in my BIOS. What I wish is to use GDB on Cygwin to
>communicate with this stub and debug my BIOS.
>What I don't know is :
> - does GDB support COFF format and PDB format ?

GDB supports PE format on Windows and uses STABS for debugging information.
If you build your own version of gdb you can make it understand almost
any format out there other than PDB.  GDB doesn't understand PDB.


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