native hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00, 32-bit versus 64-bit

Michael Elizabeth Chastain
Sun Jun 27 04:20:00 GMT 2004

ac> What's the ABI wordsize - the size of a register pushed onto the stack? 
ac> "info registers" should be using that register size and looking at the 
ac> HP/PA code, that appears to be the case.

It's 4 bytes, all right.

ac> It might also pay to check out `file gdb`, `file test-program`, "(gdb) 
ac> show architecture" and "(gdb) maint print registers" to see what's been 
ac> compbined.  At least for other architectures only a 64-bit native 

  /home/mec/bin/gdb-611:  PA-RISC1.1 shared executable dynamically linked -not stripped
  a.out:          PA-RISC2.0 shared executable dynamically linked -not stripped

  (gdb-611) show architecture
  The target architecture is set automatically (currently hppa1.0)

The funny thing is, gdb 6.1.1 "maint print registers" says that
r19 is 4 bytes long, but "info reg r19" has special code to print
all 8 bytes of it.

I'm still kinda dubious, but if it's okay with randolph that the
debugger quietly operates in 32-bit mode, it's okay with me.
I would do something like this:

  gdb_test_multiple "info reg r19" "$name" {
    -re "r19 deadbeefbadcadee ..." {
      pass "$name (64 bit)"
    -re "r19 "badcadee ..." {
      pass "$name (32 bit)"

Michael C

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