Debug code in data section in gdb

Michael Elizabeth Chastain
Tue Jun 22 23:17:00 GMT 2004

> I can break the program just before the execution jump to the
> code copied from somewhere. Then I set a breakpoint at the beginning of
> the copied code. It still won't work.

That's the right thing to do.  It should work.

> Another thing is I see the code is same as the original code. My
> question is whether I can see the GDB modified instruction by
> disassemble the memory ? When and How gdb modifies the instruction?

gdb goes to some lengths to report the original contents of memory
no matter how you examine it.

> I suspect this problem is specific to my port of gdb, so maybe I need to
> understand how breakpoints work in gdb to understand my problem. Could
> anybody give me some pointers to articles or online books on debugger or
> gdb?

Mmmm, start with the gdb internals manual (doc/gdbint.texinfo).

Again, it would help a lot if you could use the 'script' command to
capture an entire gdb session, and then mail in the 'typescript' file.

Michael C

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