Debug code in data section in gdb

Tao Zhang
Tue Jun 22 19:10:00 GMT 2004

Hi, Michael

I tried that many times, it doesn't work for me. I even played some trick
so that the code buffer is actually placed in code section now. It still
doesn't work. I am very confused. The breakpoints work just fine for other

So break *0x12344657 should work? Then maybe it is the problem of my gdb
port rather than general gdb?

Thanks a lot


			-Tao Zhang (

On Tue, 22 Jun 2004, Michael Elizabeth Chastain wrote:

> > Is there a way to ask gdb to set break points at data section?
> > Or is there some other work around?
> If you know the exact address where you want to set the breakpoint,
> you can do:
>   (gdb) break *0x12345678
> Be sure to do this after you've copied your code into the data
> section, not before.
> Michael C

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