Should we close down

Jim Blandy
Mon Jun 21 22:12:00 GMT 2004

I've noticed that, since the conversation from January has died down,
gdb-discuss has most often been used accidentally by newcomers to GDB,
when gdb@ or gdb-patches@ would be more appropriate.  (I'd like to
look at the archives to verify that this is the case, but it looks
like the archiving stopped working at the end of March.  I've asked
the GNU postmaster about this.)

gdb-discuss was originally the GDB Steering Committee's list, but then
it was decided that the committee should generally hold its
discussions in private, a private list was created, and this list was
renamed from gdbheads to gdb-discuss.

I can understand the advantage of having a list other than gdb@ to
carry non-technical discussions.  But I'm not sure that outweighs the
disadvantage of being confusing to newcomers to GDB.

What do people think?

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