Update sources for gdb without exiting

L P plm@iname.com
Thu Jun 17 06:43:00 GMT 2004

        I understand that this must be somewhere, I studied a lot of 
docs, internet, etc. but still can not achieve the result:  
        I cross-develop and have the following in my .gdbinit:  
define o9  
        set mpcbdm_adapter 2  
        target mpcbdm 0  
        add-symbol-file ./Debug/dtc  
        load ./Debug/dtc  
        printf "Executable was loaded\n"  
        Now, while in gdb, I change something in the code, recompile 
it and back in gdb call "o9" - gdb always says that source 
file is newer then executable. I tried "kill, o9" and many  
other variants - no use...  
        How can I do this?  
Many thanks ahead for any help.  
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