PROPOSAL: removing src/expect

Ben Elliston
Wed Jun 16 22:48:00 GMT 2004

> That said, I'd still like to be able to have check outs of expect,
> tcl, tk, dejagnu, etc, and soft-links to them within the uberbaum
> tree, and have the just-built trees be used, as if the directories
> were in the uberbaum repository.

Sure; that was discussed and I think we all agreed that top-level
support for those directories can stay.  Personally, I think it would
be better if that was removed in the long term, but we can revisit
that on a rainy day (if only it would rain) :-)

So I believe I now have 0 opponents to removing src/expect and, unless
I hear otherwise, will remove it next Tuesday.

Cheers, Ben

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