"Info reg doesn't work"

Xinan Tang xinan@tidalnetworks.net
Wed Jun 16 00:04:00 GMT 2004

Hi Jim,

  Please help me to debug this:

  1. Assume my target is FOO, let's say it is similar to ARM.

  2. I created a FOO subdirectory in 'gdb/config/FOO' and then created a
file: 'embedd.mt' underneath, its content is:

     TDEPFILES=FOO-tdep.o ...
     TDEPLIBS=  ...
     TM_FILES=  ...
     SIM = ../sim/arm/libsim.a

  I.e, arm-tdep.o is changed to FOO-tdep.o

  3. FOO-tdep.c is copied from arm-tdep.c in which I changed the function

     _initialize_arm_tdep() to _initialize_FOO_tdep()

   Should I go into function _initialize_FOO_tdep() to modify the places
where bfd_arch_arm is used? I haven't done that yet since our target is
similar to arm.



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"Xinan Tang" <xinan@tidalnetworks.net> writes:
>   I am porting gdb (6.1) to a new target. After adding a new target that
> similar to an existing RISC 32bit architecture, I found out two problems:
>   1. `info register' does not work. For example, if I type in `info reg',
> the content of all registers are showing ZERO except PC no matter how many
> instructions are executed.
>   2. Gdb can start execution from _start but can not enter main.
>   Could someone please point to me which files I should take a look to fix
> this problem? Or is there any FAQ to explain how to add a new target based
> on an existing architecture.

Well, you might try looking at gdb/doc/gdbint.texi, the GDB internals
documentation.  But it sounds to me like your target is having trouble
supplying register values to GDB.

How is GDB communicating with the debuggee?  Via the remote protocol?
Via ptrace?  Something else?

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