PROPOSAL: removing src/expect

Ben Elliston
Tue Jun 15 22:43:00 GMT 2004

> Err...  Yes, for the same reasons as dejagnu.  It's not bundled with
> most of the OSs I used to test, and being able to build expect along
> with tcl/tk/etc that were built for GDB/Insight, and dejagnu, that
> requires it, was quite handy.  Sure it's old, but it doesn't hurt as
> long as it works, no?  And it's not like you're required to check it
> out.  I'd rather just leave it there, like dejagnu.

In some instances, it is hurting.  A default "src" tree will build and
then use the in-tree expect when running any of the testsuites.  There
have been problems reported that may well have been fixed in the
latest versions of Expect.  However, we're not taking any advantage of
improvements or bug fixes being made by the Expect maintainer(s), thus
creating more hassles and work for ourselves.

Anyway, it's clear that I'm swimming upstream, so I'll let this thread
drop now.

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