gdb for Sun compiled target programs

Michael Mueller
Tue Jun 15 16:43:00 GMT 2004

I found that gdb 6.1 is almost unusable for Sun Solaris SPARC 32/64 bit 
if the target program is compiled using a Sun C compiler. ( gdb/1669: 
"64-bit Solaris does not work" is just one of the problems).

Can someone tell me what the status and planned future of this platform 
is? (gdb/MAINTAINERS calls it "(devolved)")

I have put in some effort and fixed the most urgent problems so that 
it's usable for me now. My knowledge of gdb source code is quite limited 
however (just 2 weeks old) and some of the fixes definitely will need 
some more work, which I would be willing to do with some help.

Does it make sense that I send my changes to gdb-patches?

Michael Mueller

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