CVS checkout aborted

Ian Lance Taylor
Fri Jun 11 14:59:00 GMT 2004

Bob Rossi <> writes:

> Actually, now if I do
>    cvs -z3 -d '' co gdb+dejagnu
> I end up with 
>    $ ls src/
>    CVS   config   dejagnu  gdb      libiberty  readline  texinfo
>    bfd   contrib  etc      include  mmalloc    sim       utils
>    cgen  cpu      expect   intl     opcodes    tcl
> I used to get the configure script, and other stuff. However, if I do
> this again
>    cvs -z3 -d '' co
>    gdb+dejagnu

I tried co gdb+dejagnu from scratch, and it seemed to work fine.  I
don't know what happened for you.  Are you sure you started in an
empty directory?  Conceivably it was related to the CVS hiccup we had
yesterday, although I don't see how.


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