GDB and ARM Frame Pointer strangeness

Steven Johnson
Fri Jun 11 00:46:00 GMT 2004


Im not sure what you mean by "supports and tests (gdb.asm) assembler 
debugging" is there a GDB command to put into "assembler debugging 
mode"? Or a flag that can be set?  Specifically, what is the (gdb.asm) 
reference?  Is it a document, or command, or something else?  Otherwise 
the statement concordes with my long held beliefs about GDB.

Also, I can provide a lot of information about it, but im not sure what 
"sequence" you are referring to.  Are you reffering to the sequence of 
commands I type in to GDB,  the sequence of code within GDB, or a 
combination of the two.

Do you want me to turn on the GDB Debugging flags for the remote 
protocol and FP management, execute the sequence that causes the problem 
and then post the results?


Andrew Cagney wrote:

> (BTW, GDB already both supports and tests (gdb.asm) assembler debugging.)
> Perhaphs the problem here isn't as simple as described.  Can you 
> determine exactly what sequence of events lead to those memory 
> references?
> Andrew

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