[Gdb] removing src/dejagnu, src/expect

Jim Ingham jingham@apple.com
Tue Jun 8 17:35:00 GMT 2004

The gcc QA folks here apparently already use the built-in version of 
expect, not the src/ one for their automated testsuite runs.  They said 
they had to fix one 3.3 test, but that test is okay in 3.5.  So it 
sounds like we are okay.

The bit of info that needs to be transferred, then, is that whoever 
does the work to incorporate whatever patches we have to the expect 
sources shouldn't bother to try to get Ian's patches in, as they aren't 
really needed.


On Jun 8, 2004, at 5:26 AM, gdb-digest-help@sources.redhat.com wrote:

> Jim Ingham writes:
>> I just reran the gdb testsuite - on the Apple gdb but this shouldn't
>> make much difference - with the Expect 5.38 from the SourceForge
>> sources, and with Tcl 8.4.4, also from SourceForge, and I didn't see
>> any new failures compared with the expect & tcl from src/.
> I've done a similar comparison with the gdb testsuite on native
> i686-pc-linux-gnu, (red hat 8.0, LANG=en_US.UTF-8), and the results
> came out the same.  I've been using the released versions of
> tcl+expect+dejagnu for 2.5 years now.
> That's just gdb experience though.
> I'm okay with shooting first and fixing problems later.
> Michael C

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