stepping from header to header in C++

Kris Warkentin
Mon Jun 7 20:36:00 GMT 2004

Wild stab in the dark here.  I'm grepping through the ChangeLogs and 
Gnats but I'm hoping someone remembers fixing this.

In gdb 5.2.1 when debugging a C++ app with stabs+, gdb will not step 
from a method defined in a header to another method defined in a header. 
  It stops on breakpoints well enough but will only step over.

class testclass1{
 >>> step into this one fine but steps over the next call
	public: void method1(void){ test_class2.method1(); }

class testclass2{
	public: void method1(void){ print_stuff(); }

The problem seems to be fixed in more recent versions and doesn't exist 
when compiling with dwarf either.  Not a super critical thing since it's 
workaroundable but I was hoping someone might remember off the top of 
their head.



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