[maint] [maint] Michael Chastain for testsuite

Christopher Faylor me@cgf.cx
Fri Jun 4 20:13:00 GMT 2004

On Fri, Jun 04, 2004 at 03:52:04PM -0400, Andrew Cagney wrote:
>Michael Chastain has been nominated for the role of testsuite
>maintainer, taking over responsibility for all the open areas of the
>testsuite (config, lib, gdb.base etc.).  In addition, it has been
>proposed that the `global maintainers' serve as backup to Michael in
>these areas (Michael has already indicated that he is ok with this).
>Thoughts?  I'll table this for a week.

FWIW, I know that Michael will be active in improving the test suite
and that is a *good thing* (tm).  I think this is a great idea.

Having the global maintainers serve as backup seems like an ok idea as
long as Michael agrees to exercise some oversight.  If we have someone
as a maintainer then it seems like their area of maintainership should
reflect their vision, i.e.  you can't just give carte blanche to a group
people to do whatever they want in that arena.  So, the global
maintainers would, I hope, show some restraint in making changes to the
test suite and always solicit Michael's opinion, deferring to him when
he has objections, or giving him adequate time to voice objections
before making changes.

I know that this goes without saying but I thought I'd say it anyway.


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