gcore and pstack under Linux

Dmitry Samersoff dms@wplus.net
Thu Jun 3 08:08:00 GMT 2004


How about gcore and pstack under Linux ?

Yes, I know that gdb attach PID
do the same as standalone gcore,
but there is a case when it's not usable.

I have long running production service that time to
time (once a month) fails with sig11.

Sig 11 handler looks like:

void sig11_hdl(int sig)
  if ( fork() == 0 ) // child
     {  char p[32];
        sprintf(p,"%ld", (long) getppid() );
        execl(GCORE,"gcore", "-o", CORE,p, 0);



and than watchdog send me by e-mail:
  pstack CORE | c++filt

It works perfect under Solaris, but I did't find  a way to do the same 
under Linux.

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