Activating the testing process when "continue"

Otto Wyss
Wed Dec 29 19:43:00 GMT 2004

I just tried to debug the activation routine (handles the activation
events) of my cross platform application and discovered a nice feature
of VC++ which is missing in GDB. In VC++ whenever a continue command is
given, the testing process is first activated (brought to foreground).
It would be nice if GDB would do the same. It's not important if the
activation event is sent but it's convenient to have the testing window
in the foreground.

Maybe that's not as simple on Linux (versus Windows) but I guess there
should be a feature to at least bring the GDB window in the background.

Another question is whether this should be done by any running command,
IMO r (running) and c (contiune) should be sufficient.

O. Wyss

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