arm-elf semihosting stdin problem

Thomas Rauscher
Thu Dec 23 14:44:00 GMT 2004


I think I've found a small problem in rdi-share/hsys.c
when reading from a TTY using CL_Read.

For TTYs fgets() is called instead of fread().
This is usually not a problem, but if it happens that
the target tries to read a single character, no character
is read at all, because fgets() reads at most 'len'
characters minus 1 to be able to store the terminating zero.

I'm not sure whether the current behavior is intended, so
I wanted to ask if this is also a problem for others.

A quick solution would be to malloc one surplus byte and to 
call fgets with len+1. For a clean solution the 
HandleSysMessage() would need some rearrangement because
the buffer is allocated before the handle is checked with

Thanks for any answers,
Thomas Rauscher.

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