Does gdb work with a wiggler compatible adapter?

Jim Blandy
Tue Dec 14 20:03:00 GMT 2004

"POPER" <> writes:
> I make a wiggler compatible jtag adapter according to
> this(
> I want to know if the gdb work with it now? And I want to debug without
> the OS, you know, just a few asm and c source file by this adapter,
> someone can tell me what i need and what should i do?
> ps: the cup is sc34510b.
> Thanks in advance!

GDB itself doesn't have any support for talking directly to JTAG
hardware like the circuit you've built.  We do have a file
gdb/remote-rdi.c which claims to be able to talk to the "ARM RDI
library", but I don't know how up-to-date it is.

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