mcore-*-* target to be deleted?
Mon Dec 13 12:59:00 GMT 2004

> The mcore code has, unfortunatly, become very out of date.   The 
> mainline hasn't built since 6.2 was released, and with 6.3 past that 
> broken code was dropped.  This all came about because GDB's frame code 
> was rewritten from scratch and the mcore was never updated to work with 
> the new code.
> The way to revive the mcore isn't through votes, nominations, or 
> appointments, it's through code.  A developer with an assignment 
> contributes code to current standards (most importantly does not use 
> deprecated interfaces) then it can very easily be re-integrated (and 
> they may quickly find themselves in a more responsible role).  Any 
> questions on how to do it welcome(1).
> Andrew
> (1) Exprerience suggests that largely starting from scratch (using the 
> existing code as a guideline) is easier.  This is because the bulk of 
> the current file is redundant.


I´m doing some academical research on mcore simulator and I briefly studied the sources for mcore simulator. Is that enough to be the new maintainer? I´m not up to date with changes in the simulator interface, but I could work with that.

Jose Miguel Benitez

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