error when building gdb?

Dave Korn
Thu Dec 9 19:25:00 GMT 2004

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> From: gdb-owner On Behalf Of Backhaus Willy
> Sent: 09 December 2004 08:38

> I'm trying to build Insight for arm-elf.
> I use the CVS version.
> following error message comes:

> libgdb.a(f-lang.o)(.rdata+0x460): In function 
> `f_create_fundamental_type':
> /ecos-c/gnutools/src/insight_cvs/src/gdb/f-lang.c:258: 
> undefined reference to `_f_parse'
> [and a bunch more]
> any ideas?

  The question you were asked on the insight list about this is still relevant:
these files are all supposed to have been automatically generated earlier on in
the build.  Did those files (*-exp.c in the gdb subdirectory of your build dir)
get created?  Do you have yacc installed and in your $PATH?

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