complete GDB MI specification

Bob Rossi
Wed Dec 8 16:53:00 GMT 2004

> One more question about this parser as a part of GDB - does it exist
> and will be available or it's still a far distant project?

Well, this was something I want to do. I just will not have time for a
few months.

I do already have the grammar to yacc that will generate a parser. I
also have a sample main that will parse a single MI output command. The
problem is, it's untested and it is not integrated into the testsuite.

If you want to work on such a project, I could start you out with what I
have so far. If you want to wait, eventually I should have something. 
I already have a small goal of getting this in for 7.0, since that's
the version I hope to get my personal project integrated with GDB.

Bob Rossi

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