complete GDB MI specification

Eli Zaretskii
Mon Dec 6 20:55:00 GMT 2004

> Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 19:21:30 +0300
> From: Konstantin Karganov <>
> I'm going to implement a GUI debugger over GDB and need a complete
> description of MI commands and their result formats. Where can I find
> it?

In general, in the manual.

> The "Debugging with GDB" guide doesn't specify many details: for
> example, the value of the expression is a string with unclear format
> (i.e. "[0 <repeated 100 times>]" is a valid array value), the
> "-var-update" response is not specified at all...

Please report all such unclear cases, and I will try to fix them.

> How can I make a parser for the grammar specified as "there should be
> something like the result"? :)

There was a long series of discussions about a month ago, either here
or on gdb-patches.  Search for "MI" in the archives, and you will find
a patch with a formal parser grammar for the MI interface.

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