mcore-*-* target to be deleted?

Peter Barada
Thu Dec 2 14:22:00 GMT 2004

>I (belatedly) noticed an announcement on the GDB web page that the mcore
>target has been declared obsolete and is going to be deleted from gdb in
>the next release.
>I have made some inquiries about the impact this would have on our
>customers, and although the response wasn't huge, it was definitely not
>zero.  There's a small but determined population of developers who
>continue to use gdb with mcore.  It also has a small but growing market
>with small firms working through distributors, as well as a new design
>group in China that prefers to use non-Microsoft tools.
>I don't know if one vote matters, but I vote to save the mcore.

If you know of(or can support) someone who agrees to be a maintainer
for the target then you'll have a *much* better chance of pulling
mcore off of the 'obsolete' list.

You'll also want to look to see the support status of mcore in GCC and

Peter Barada

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