Query regarding assembly level debugging support

Tarun tarun@acmet.com
Thu Dec 2 09:15:00 GMT 2004

Hi All,

    I am generating object file in Elf/Dwarf format. The prime target is
to be able to debug the assembly code. That is we are able to step
through the assembly code showing line numbers and relative addresses.
The Dwarf (version 2.0) sections currently being included are 
- debug_line
- debug_abbrev
- debug_info.

     The linked out file is loaded without errors on GDB. When we run
the respective out file on GDB, the control of debugger moves to label
main in the assembly code ( Breakpoint 1, 0xa00200ec in main ()). When I
try to move to next instruction using "nexti", the control moves to next
address (Displaying: 0xa00200f0 in main ()). This continues till the
last address is reached. Only the address increments within the assembly
file are displayed and not the actual assembly source.

      When I try to single step using "step", the message prompted is
"Single stepping until exit from function main, which has no line number
information". Whereas if I disassemble one of the addresses give above,
entire assembly code which I am trying to debug is displayed.

      Does this mean that GDB does not support debugging of the assembly


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