sim: Handle and pass new required option -OPC for CGEN "desc".

Andrew Cagney
Wed Dec 1 15:26:00 GMT 2004

Hans-Peter Nilsson wrote:
> Most CGEN-based simulators use the <target>-desc.h file from
> opcodes (and by most, I mean two out of the total three), see
> sim/m32r/ and sim/frv/  When the CGEN
> option "-OPC" was introduced for generating that file, the CGEN
> caller in opcodes was updated, but the one in sim wasn't.  So
> i960 broke.  To repeat, build sim --target=i960-elf
> --enable-cgen-maint or go to build/sim/i960 and make
> "stamp-desc" (may need to "rm stamp-desc" or "touch
> cgen/cpu/i960.cpu").  You'll see:

I've now removed the i960; you were saying ;-)


PS: Yes, sim specific testsuites are important.

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