testsuite questions.

Andrew Cagney cagney@gnu.org
Sat Apr 24 00:03:00 GMT 2004

> I am trying to compare the test results from the GDB I built vs the GDB
> installed on the system. I found that if I set GDB "/usr/bin/mygdb" in the
> testcases.exp file, the testcase uses my custom GDB instead of searching
> for one in src/gdb/.
> 1. Is there any enviroment variable that I can set to make the testcase
> use my custom GDB, for instance the one in /usr/local/bin/gdb?

I don't remember.

> Also, when the testcase '.c' file is compiled, the compile line ignores
> any CFLAGS or CC variables that I set, I found that gdb_compile and
> target-compile use CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET and CC_FOR_TARGET varialbles. I would
> like to use my custom compiler and compile the testcase as a 64bit binary
> (-m64 flag).

You need to pass the stuff to dejagnu.  For this, I'd recommend:

   make check 'RUNTESTFLAFS=--target_board=unix/-m32\ unix/-m64'

however, 'RUNTESTFLAGS=... CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET=...' also has an effect.

> 2. Is there any enviroment variable I can use to control the value of
> these variables?
> The intention is to disconnect the testsuite from using the system
> utilities and GDB that gets built, but use the testcase to test a
> different binary of GDB that I have in a separate local/system directory.
> This way I can compare the test results from system gdb (or any gdb binary
> forthat matter)  with the one that I downloaded from cvs.
> Any input is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Manjo

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