The GDB steering committee

Richard Stallman
Fri Apr 23 17:59:00 GMT 2004

A few years ago the FSF appointed a steering committee to be the
official GNU maintainer for GDB.  The steering committee is in charge
of GDB maintenance, but in practice delegates much of the work to
various GDB developers who work according to procedures that the
committee has established.

There were recently a couple of changes in the membership of the
committee.  Since the steering committee was never formally announced
in the past, I am taking the opportunity to announce the committee
officially to the gdb community.

The members of the committee are:

Jim Blandy
Andrew Cagney
Robert Dewar
Klee Dienes
Paul Hilfinger
Dan Jacobowitz
Stan Shebs
Richard Stallman
Ian Lance Taylor
Todd Whitesel

They are also listed on the steering committee web page, at

The best way to reach the committee members is via the gdb mailing

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