add-symbol-file-from-memory patch breaks non-elf targets?

Jim Blandy
Fri Apr 23 10:05:00 GMT 2004

Roland McGrath <> writes:
> It's unfortunate that this is done in a way that requires a tweak for every
> specific target.  The functionality will work, and thus ought to be
> available, on any ELF target.  The use of symbol_file_add_from_memory from
> other gdb code to support Linux's vDSO is already needed on more than one
> Linux target and it is not unlikely that other Linux targets will follow
> suit in the future.  It is crufty and makes maintenance error prone if we
> have nothing better than copying and updating makefile boilerplate for
> every specific Linux/CPU target.  For example, your patch covers only x86
> and powerpc, but already IA64 and x86-64 need this support (and AFAIK not
> yet powerpc).  

But "any ELF target" is not a well-defined thing in GDB.  GDB just
tries to cope with whatever it gets.  GDB lets BFD keep track of what
object file formats are appropriate for what targets.

The reason I thought this approach would be appropriate is that it
resembles the way we handle the different dynamic linker debugging
protocols: each .mt file selects solib-mumble.o manually.  As far as I
know, this hasn't been much of a maintenance hassle.

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