Question about args.exp test

Andrew Cagney
Thu Apr 22 15:19:00 GMT 2004

>>>Should probably be xfail'd for arm-elf.  I never did because,
>>>> >conceptually, someone could be testing arm-elf with a different target
>>>> >than the simulator and a differently protocol than RDI and a different
>>>> >library than newlib - but in practice I doubt anyone does, so if you
>>>> >want to stick a comment and some xfails in...
>>> It's a bug.  There's nothing stopping someone fixing the sim target.
> Did you read my reply at all?  The sim complies with the RDI mechanism
> of passing information and syscalls to inferior programs.  The
> mechanism is incapable of handling quoted arguments.  I don't think it
> can be fixed.

I didn't say it was easy.  All simulators should consistently handle 
parameters in their _default_ mode.  At present they don't, and thats a 
bug.  If a simulator gets set to `rdi' mode then it probably won't work.


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