Bob Rossi bob@brasko.net
Wed Apr 21 04:58:00 GMT 2004


Will someone please review this patch?
Why is no one looking at it?
I have not received one reply to my pings in 2 months.  Why?
What else should I do?

Does everyone realize the potential GDB throws away every day by not
reviewing patches in a reasonable time. When I wrote that patch, I was
interested in making the stack,breakpoint,... output show the fullname.
As of right now, I am no longer interested in doing that, or anything else
that isn't necessary for me to write CGDB.

I had many other ideas that I wanted to implement in GDB. As of know, I
am no longer interested. Maybe my mind will change in the future, but I
can't stand the thought of this long patch review time.

Every time I ping for this patch I laugh. I can't even imagine what is
wrong with the GDB team to think that my trivial 500 line patch takes 2
months to begin reviewing. I wrote that patch in about 1 week, with out
ever doing a major patch to GDB before. What's going on?

Anyways, if this Email feels a little negative, it's coming from the
frustration of waiting and waiting to get a patch into GDB. To me, it
won't be worth it to go through this process again if I don't need to.

Finally, the GDB team actually was very helpful to me when I was coming
up with the -file-list-exec-source-files patch. I received answers very
quickly, and with more information than I could have hoped for. Everyone
seems to want to help out during the development and research phase. It
just seems that when it comes to patch time, all bets are off

Bob Rossi

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