ia64 in-target debugging

Vincent Girard-Reydet vincent.girard-reydet@bull.net
Tue Apr 6 12:23:00 GMT 2004

Hi everyone,

I'm writing a stub for gdb on ia64 machines in order to debug a BIOS (in
fact it will be a stub for the EFI/ia64). I intend to debug my ia64 server
from a x86 laptop through a serial line.
I saw in the archives that it might not be possible to achieve it. Any
comments about it ? Have you any clues (or pointers to some how-to) on how I
could compile gdb on my laptop to get this stuff working ? The problem is
that if I do a ./configure, I think gdb will know x86, but not ia64, and I
need him to know both of them.
I also need some informations about the executable formats supported by GDB.
The EFI spec requires PE32+ executable format (extension of the PE/COFF
format), but it's not clear if GDB supports it. If not, any idea of the
amount of work needed to support it ?

Also, I don't know where to post my stub when it is debugged. If someone
could tell me, this would be great.

Thank you for your reponses!



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