Building an Ada aware gdb

Paul N. Hilfinger
Mon Apr 5 20:54:00 GMT 2004

> I see that gdb from CVS has some exciting (for me) files
> in it: ada-exp.y, ada-lang.h, ada-tasks.c, ada-valprint.c,
> ada-lang.c, ada-lex.l, ada-typeprint.c.  I would like to build
> gdb with Ada support... but how?  The only Ada related
> configure option seems to be --enable-libada, and that didn't
> give me an Ada aware gdb.  Does gdb support Ada now?
> If so, how to build it...

Not yet, but we're finally getting close.  At the moment, we are
resolving some issues with hooks we'd like to put into non-Ada sources.
After that, it's mostly a matter of linking in the Ada modules and testing
for regressions on every platform we can get our hands on. 

A couple of warnings: 

1. The current CVS ada-* sources have not been synced with ACT's
development versions.  This fact has nipped me a couple of times now
(including your question), so I should probably update them just so
folks can see them.

2. We are turning on Ada support one piece at a time, because there are
numerous places where ACT's sources have modifications in non-Ada files
that either have to approved for inclusion in public sources or modified
to conform to the public sources.  These places include full breakpoint 
support (source file:line will work out of the box) and tasking (where
the configuration-management situation will always be at the mercy of
threads and their many incarnations).

On the other hand, we should have expression evaluation working pretty

Paul Hilfinger

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