Remote target behind console server

Andrew Cagney
Fri Jun 28 15:49:00 GMT 2002

> Hi,
> I have a target sitting behind a console server. I can use any box to
> telnet to the console server and access the console port of my target. This target
> runs Linux kgdb stub on it. I have tested with serial cable, for my gdb host to
> debug the kgdb target, everything is perfect. But in our situation, we must debug
> our target remotely through console server.
> The question is whether it's feasible for gdb to remote debug this target through
> console server, which is a telnet / serial converter?

You mean an ``annex[tm]''?  Yes.  You'll likely need to tweak things so 
that  the terminal server automatically connects the GDB session through 
to the serial port.  There isn't an easy way, from GDB, to send terminal 
server commands.


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