remote.c: remote_insert_watchpoint et al

Andrew Cagney
Thu Jun 27 13:02:00 GMT 2002

> On 2002.06.27 16:41 Andrew Cagney wrote:
> : > Hi,
> : > 
> : > Are there any (near) plans to make watchpoint functions 
> : > part of the (remote) target vector?
> : 
> : Please do!  Not having them in the target vector is considered a bug.
> :
> The only problem I see is that I have no copyright assignment
> for gdb, just for binutils.  But the changes needed might be 
> so small so that theres no reason for an assignment.

I don't know what the changes will involve as I've never done this (in 
fact I think everyone has been avoiding this one :-( ).

Can you at find out what the changes look like - how many files need to 
be touched e.t.c.?  If the operation is relatively small/mechanical then 
it should be possible for someone with an assignment to reproduce it.

Getting the watchpoint stuff into the target vector is long overdue.

When it comes to (C) I tend to be very conservative :-/


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